BioMed Protection

SARS-CoV-2 mutation estimator

Description and goals

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic it has become necessary to establish robust tools to monitor virus evolution and its genetic changes in human population. New Corona virus has the potential to establish itself in the human population and to continue to cause outbreaks and negatively impact our economy. Once established in the human population, Corona viruses tend to mutate leading to escape of diagnostics, therapies and preventive measures.

Therefore, our goals are to:
  1. Develop a platform based on electronic biology that allows us rapid and accurate real-time monitoring of relevant genetic changes for Corona viruses
  2. Use this information to design proteins for production of vaccine candidates or immunotherapies and diagnostics
  3. Manufacture and test candidates in partnership with Aldevron, LLC.


We expect to establish a functional platform with online access for our partners. The evaluation of the platform will be accomplished by assessing diversity of known Corona viruses and by design of functional vaccine candidates that will be manufactured and tested in 2020. We expect that at least 2 vaccines will induce protective response in animal models.